C29 Extension Twin Cable 5m SMA Plug to SMA Jack

C29 Extension Twin Cable 5m SMA male to SMA female
Cable Type: SR1-029-B-T
Resistance: 50 OHM +/- 2 OHM @ 1GHz
50 OHM +/- 4 OHM @ 2GHz
Loss: 3dB / 10m @ 1GHz
4.5dB / 10m @ 2GHz
Cable diameter: 2x5mm
Outer jacket: Black Flexible PVC
Foil braid shielding: aluminum foil / tinned copper
Insulation: white polyethylene
Inner conductor: copper
Length: 5m
Connection side 1: SMA plug (m)
Connection side 2: SMA jack (f)

 Lead time 2-3 days when available