Industrial LTE router with PoE and two 4G modules

VPN router with Dual SIM and 4x PoE/PoE+ LAN ports - Robustel R2000 Dual

Rugged Industrial Cellular Router

Rugged Industrial Cellular Router: What features does this Robustel Industrial Cellular Router? 4x PoE ports, 1x WAN, Dual SIM, WiFi, optional Dual 4G module.

What are the features of this Robustel Industrial Cellular Router?

4x PoE ports, 1x WAN, Dual SIM, WiFi, optional Dual 4G module.
Reliable, robust and smart.

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The industrial 4G router R2000 Dual  from Robustel enables fast and reliable data communication to monitor or control remote equipment. With its PoE / PoE + functionality, 4 LAN ports of the device ensure the supply of remote network-compatible devices with up to 30W via LAN port, whereby the network-compatible devices are supplied with power via the eight-wire Ethernet cable.

The R2000 Dual takes on the role of energy provider (Power Sourcing Equipment, PSE) and the connected network-compatible devices are the energy consumers (Powered Devices, PD). This is of great advantage for remote installations, since it saves a large part of the cabling for the power supply and the number of power supplies can be reduced.
The cabling can also be carried out in areas that are difficult to access, since only an Ethernet cable is required to connect a device. Video cameras, WiFi access points, small servers or IP telephones as well as other devices powered by PoE can be easily connected to the router via the RJ-45 connections with network cables. The power supply for the devices operated via PoE does not have to be layed, which makes installation easier and cheaper - it is only sufficient to supply the router with power.

The R2000 Dual has dual SIM backup and can even be optionally equipped with two 4G cellular modules, which enables the simultaneous use of both SIM cards in areas with poor mobile radio coverage. The device supports connection backup via mobile radio, WAN and WLAN as well as ICMP detection. Cold backup, warm backup and load balancing can significantly increase the reliability and speed of the data connection.

The router's WiFi supports the AccessPoint mode and Client mode.
The Linux based and hardened RobustOS, an SDK and various apps available on the software side provide the basis for versatile adaptation options to customer applications.

The security of the data is guaranteed over several VPN tunnels. IPsec, OpenVPN, GRE, L2TP, PPTP and DMVPN offer various encryption options.

An auto reboot can be initiated via an SMS or a time control.

The device supports the RCMS Cloud. RCMS is the Robustel cloud manager service, a modular IoT cloud software platform that is compatible with all Robustel products. RCMS was developed from the ground up to enable customers using Robustel router to develop their own IoT solutions in a way that is scalable, cost-effective and evolves rapidly with the market.

With the RCMS cloud, customers are offered the ultimate range of monitoring, administration and control functions. Thanks to its modular structure, RCMS enables the addition of new APPs to the platform without affecting the core behavior, creating new functions and enabling integration into third-party software.

Management of the R2000 Dual and upgrades can be carried out via a web user interface or via SMS / CLI / RCMS. The device supports various Apps such as QoS, DDNS, VRRP, CaptivePortal, SNMP, WLAN multi, multi-language.

Simple DIN rail or wall mounting options are available.
Of course, we are also happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal antennas for your application.

For global 5G/4G cellular connections we recommend to you the new Robustel 5G Industrial Router R5020, which optional support PoE-PD.


  • 4x PoE/PoE+ LAN ports

  • 1x WAN, WiFi

  • Dual SIM card slot, optional Dual 4G modulel

  • Auto reboot via SMS/Timing

  • VPN Router Linux based:
    IPsec /OpenVPN /GRE /L2TP /PPTP / DMVPN

  • Microsoft Azure certified

  • Rugged industrial design 9 - 57V DC

  • Desktop, wall mounting or DIN rail mounting

  • Operating Temperature -25 - +70 °C


  • Retail: Point of Sale (PoS), Digital Signage
  • Industry 4.0: IoT, M2M, Automation
  • Transportation: Vehicle Terminals
  • Smart City: Environmental Monitoring, Vending Machines, ATM
  • Enterprise IT: Smart Office
  • Healthcare: Telemedicine

Application example for Cellular Router

Robustel VPN Router combines the latest hardware with proven technology to deliver stable & secure  communications.  for Cellular Router for LTE Router: Environmental Monitoring, ATM, Vending Machine, M2M, IoT, Smart City, Transportation.

Robustel VPN Router combine the latest hardware with proven technology to deliver stable & secure  communications.

Environmental Monitoring, ATM, Vending Machine, M2M, IoT, Smart City, Transportation.

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